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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thoughts regarding the Beast Wars Netflix revival rumour

The initial article.

Beast Wars, or Beasties as it was curiously called in Canada, was the second-ever 3D animated series. Debuting alongside an incredible toyline, Beast Wars was three seasons long, and a sequel series, Beast Machines, and two Japanese-only spinoffs, Beast Wars the Second and Beast Wars NEO. The games...well, nevermind about the games...

Beast Wars was one of my favorite cartoons ever. I rank it up there with the Ninja Turtles and the Ghostbusters, I really mean it. Even today, the show holds up. Yes, it shows it's age, but the characters still appear in Transformers media to this day. So, you can imagine when the rumour about a Beast Wars Netflix revival popped up recently.

Well, this rumour got me excited. Very excited. Like, almost giddy. I like that. I like that things can still make me feel excited and giddy and something close to what you humans call "happy." Until I started to think about it a bit.

The article listed eleven characters as being apart of this new series, which I assume will be a reboot, if in fact it is true. Looking at this list makes me somewhat...wary; Optimus Primal, Megatron, Rattrap, Ravage, Scorponok, Cheetor, Blackarachnia, Terrorsaur, Inferno, Rhinox, and...Magmatron?

First off, why Ravage? Yes, the Ravage in Beast Wars was the same character as in G1, but he only showed up for three episodes. And he wasn't exactly the best designed character in the series either. (Tigatron's beast mode head's glued onto a recoloured Cheetor.) Why out of all the characters to show up on this list, why Magmatron? If you are unaware, Magmatron was the villain of the Japanese-only series NEO. Yes, Magmatron showed up in the IDW comic, alongside practically every other Beast Wars character imaginable, but not in the original cartoon. Although, I suppose, if the Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon can feature characters from all other TMNT continuities, so could this potential new Beast Wars series.

Lastly, why doesn't the list feature Dinobot? Or Waspinator? Or Silverbolt? I'm not talking about cannon fodder characters...okay Waspinator was literally cannon fodder, but you know what I mean? Why include characters like Ravage and not Dinobot or Silverbolt or Waspy? 

Regardless, if in fact Beast Wars is being prepped for a revival, I shall watch it with much anticipation. It's a series that I loved as a child and one I still love to this day.

(If the art style is confusing you, click here for context.)
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