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Friday, February 24, 2012

Animatic of current project

The basic idea of this newest project is what if the Surfing Waffle was a Saturday morning cartoon.

So, think of this as the animatic to the opening sequence to that (hopefully real) show.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Light Pen Drawing of S.Waffle

Instead of presenting myself as The Surfing Waffle character on YouTube, I made this robotic character with the intent to lead towards revealing that this character was in actuality TSW in disguise.

Things on YouTube didn't go exactly as played (the Hal-Con collab project, Wafflevision 2, The Naw Kids, ugh, you get the idea!), the story continued to develop and The Surfing Waffle and S.Waffle became one and the same.

Animation Practice Collection

These four clips were all made in January for practice in preparation for the massive final animation my class is presently working on. They did not all save correctly for there are several after images present.

It should also be noted that the lever and door were not drawn by me. Each of these animations were based off of already made Flash files, ready made with props and a character designs.

Wrath Wrabbit

This is the final of the first semester of Second Year Digital Animation. A lip sync combined with movement. I consider this to be my best animation to date.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Surfing Waffle page - 002

Sufficed to say TSW and Grandfather have a rocky relationship.

The Surfing Waffle page - 001

Entry # 50! W00t!

The cover page

A Story in 6 Panels

From what I've been told, a very common story structure goes as follows;

1, Where: The location.

2, When: The time period.

3. Who: The characters.

4, Conflict: What are the characters trying to accomplish? Why are they trying to accomplish this?
What's keeping them from accomplishing this?

5, Resolution:What do the characters accomplish their goals? Or do they accomplish it?

6, Topper: The "surprise ending." (Not always needed.)

So, the above features three short little tales that follow the story structure described above.

Bacon Eel Burger

A Genie At Community College

Behemoth versus Leviathan

Storyboarding is something I think I could excel at, in time.

My Little Pony / Primal Rage 2 mash-up

This is probably one of the odder things I've drawn in recent memory. This is the boss of the never-released sequel to Primal Rage. He was named Necrosan. Here he / it is drawn in the style of the recent craze, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

For something so goofy, it's gotten a positive response from those I've spoken to.

My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
Primal Rage (c) Atari(?)

UPDATE - Huh. This is my most popular post? I guess people love ponies! Ha!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Original character - Maximus Drone

Taken from my Storm Artists page here"The Maximus drone hails from a cluster of space colonies in a far-off galaxy. They overwhelm their targets with a toxic miasma, then skewer the helpless victim with their claws."The Maximus are very much a work in progress concept. The whole idea is that they are destroyers of life and their arrival on Earth would result in the battle to end all battles.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Original Character - Ziz

Although Ziz does not share any physical similarities to the Ziz of legend, Ziz's appearance has been well received. Mostly because of her sly smirk and the intricate scale layer drawn digitally.

Ziz is the princess of an underground species of Dino-Men, and has a rather bratty personality at first.

(c) 2011 WaffleAfterHours

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A redirection for this blog

WaffleAfterHours is the brand name of the many universes I have created over the past twenty some odd years. I am presently a student of digital animation, but my talents seem routed in the still image.

I don't pride myself in much but I pride myself in my original character designs and my ability to create new character concepts in a relatively quick amount of time.

For better or worse, I've spent a lot of my time over the last few years creating videos for YouTube. My time on YouTube has been a long, strange, and mostly stupid tale but considering that time has giving me the ability to edit videos fairly well, I can't say I regret it.

This blog will no longer feature just embed videos from and Youtube. In an effort to showcase all of my present abilities, I will be uploading more art related content, such as animations, storyboards, character concepts and my original webcomic series currently in production, "The Surfing Waffle".

Unless otherwise specified (like really obviously stuff like Ninja Turtle fan art, 'cause I'm a Ninja Turtle fanboy) everything you see here is originally created by me. All right reserved, copyright, all that good stuff. I like drawing fan art, but my real passion in life has and always been creating new and original characters. I genuinely hope that you all enjoy the stuff I upload, as the newest comic entries will now debut here first before Storm Artists and DeviantArt.


YouTube accounts;
WaffleAfterHours The main channel
TheSurfingWaffle The official back up
TheOnlySurfingWaffle official back up

LanternIsland The art collaboration channel

thesurfingwaffle at Storm Artists where the majority of my art is online

TheTrueSurfingWaffle at DeviantArt a little less content than on Storm but has a little bit different content

WaffleAfterHoursArchive at houses my older videos from WaffleAfterHours and TheNawKids

WaffleAfterHours at Tumblr

WaffleyMan at Twitter watch me complain about everything in 140 or less characters

CanadianWaffle at Newgrounds My account at Newgrounds, presently inactive (for now...mwahahaha)

I had my own website for awhile under the name "thesurfingwaffle" back in 2006. Now I don't :(

Just as well. I didn't have the same skill set as I do now back then. :)