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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A redirection for this blog

WaffleAfterHours is the brand name of the many universes I have created over the past twenty some odd years. I am presently a student of digital animation, but my talents seem routed in the still image.

I don't pride myself in much but I pride myself in my original character designs and my ability to create new character concepts in a relatively quick amount of time.

For better or worse, I've spent a lot of my time over the last few years creating videos for YouTube. My time on YouTube has been a long, strange, and mostly stupid tale but considering that time has giving me the ability to edit videos fairly well, I can't say I regret it.

This blog will no longer feature just embed videos from and Youtube. In an effort to showcase all of my present abilities, I will be uploading more art related content, such as animations, storyboards, character concepts and my original webcomic series currently in production, "The Surfing Waffle".

Unless otherwise specified (like really obviously stuff like Ninja Turtle fan art, 'cause I'm a Ninja Turtle fanboy) everything you see here is originally created by me. All right reserved, copyright, all that good stuff. I like drawing fan art, but my real passion in life has and always been creating new and original characters. I genuinely hope that you all enjoy the stuff I upload, as the newest comic entries will now debut here first before Storm Artists and DeviantArt.


YouTube accounts;
WaffleAfterHours The main channel
TheSurfingWaffle The official back up
TheOnlySurfingWaffle official back up

LanternIsland The art collaboration channel

thesurfingwaffle at Storm Artists where the majority of my art is online

TheTrueSurfingWaffle at DeviantArt a little less content than on Storm but has a little bit different content

WaffleAfterHoursArchive at houses my older videos from WaffleAfterHours and TheNawKids

WaffleAfterHours at Tumblr

WaffleyMan at Twitter watch me complain about everything in 140 or less characters

CanadianWaffle at Newgrounds My account at Newgrounds, presently inactive (for now...mwahahaha)

I had my own website for awhile under the name "thesurfingwaffle" back in 2006. Now I don't :(

Just as well. I didn't have the same skill set as I do now back then. :)

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