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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Nightmare Dragon (plus updates)

While I haven't been making posts to this blog as often as I had been, or should, I have been updating the Pages on this blog quite often. 


I've been trying to get my head back into the creative game, after several months of b.s. that I'd rather not get into details with. Sufficed to say that returning to the mindset that I left at NSCC is proving to be more difficult than I first thought. But if I want to have anything resembling a career in the field that I studied for three years, I'd best it make it happen yesterday.

This guy here was the result of a warm-up. Started off with blue pencils, inked him, then took him into the computer. I removed all the white, living just the outline, then duplicated said outline a few times, because layers are just the bee's knees. Just him some colour, shaded, slight texturing, and bada-boom. New monster. 

Anyways, updates. 16 Debut  has been going strong. So far, everyone that I've showed it too has responded well to my contribution to the anthology. The Surfing Waffle comic will be uploaded to DeviantArt and Storm-Artists sometime in November, after Hal-Con # 4 (which I am currently making a new costume for), and it is my intent to continue it past page 10 all the way to it's natural conclusion. Waffle's tale is a lengthy one and will take a full-time commitment to complete. (Besides, haven't quite mastered the art of wiggling my nose and making things happen.)

The 'Short Stories' page currently holds 'Iridescent Ersatz' in its entirety, plus a bonus video I shot.

'TL:DR' is thirteen strips in, and I am shooting for at least twenty all together before the end of the year. Once  'The Surfing Waffle' takes off, 'TL:DR' will appear less but still still continue. I have been contemplating giving the strip an overarching story but in all honesty, it doesn't really seem to need one at the moment.

As for YouTube videos, I've got three ideas for big video projects, one of which being the 'Into the Toy Box' series, the others are hush for now. Don't want to show an ace when a two will do as the Great Red Dragon once said. My idea on how to revive 'Watching DVDs' has evolved from what it originally began as, but, as of yet I do not have the resources available to make it happen. I already got stuck early on with 'The Familiar' and the original 'Iridescent Ersatz' when my imagination exceeded my wallet, I don't want to get stuck again.

Oh and my 2013 to-do list is now a third of the way finished.

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