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Sunday, November 12, 2017

If I Wrote A Sixth Season of the 2012 TMNT

Despite the news that Eric Bauza will be portraying Master Splinter and Rob Paulsen will be taking over as voice director, I still have reservations about Rise of the TMNT, the new series debuting in 2018. (Raph ain't no leader.)

As much as I complained about the 2012 series, I feel like it wasn't beyond saving.

So, if you'll indulge me and my fanboyism and poor grammar, here is what I would do if Nickelodeon had said to me "Hey. Write us a season."

1, Spider-Bytez and Snakeweed run amuck through New York as the Turtles try to stop them. Spider-Bytez is attacked and de-mutated by the mysterious new superhero, the Silver Sentry. The Turtles discover the Silver Sentry is in actuality, a young pizza delivery boy named Carter, who can only keep his Silver Sentry form by absorbing mutagen - and he's eyeing the Turtles. Snakeweed attacks the Sentry and manages to wound him. Donatello devises a serum to help Carter's Mutagen dependency, but not before Carter cures Mutagen Man of his mutation.

2, Mona Lisa asks for the Turtles' help as the Mutanimals are acting as security for a secret peace treaty signing between the Utrom and the Triceraton Empire under the leadership of Xeno. Mona and Raphael have been having relationship troubles since Mona's moved to Earth, and must put their confused feelings aside as the peace treaty is under fire by four cybernetic hitmen; Fist, Lynch, Waster and Dead-eye.

3, Renet returns to help the Turtles stop the hitmen from killing the Mutanimals as revenge for . The Turtles, against their better judgment, ask for the Silver Sentry's assistance. Together, they stop the hitmen, and discover their tech comes from Null Industries. Renet warns that the timeline has been damaged and she must leave in order to pinpoint just when everything went so wrong.

4, The Turtles, Casey, April, Karai, Shinigami and Carter infiltrate Null Industries. They are stalked by a brain bug controlled Tiger Claw and a demonic Rahzar. The Turtles and company learn that Null is in fact, half human and half Demodragon, and he's plotting to try to bring Kavaxas back to this dimension. The Turtles escape with Tiger Claw after Karai frees him from the brain bug. Back at the lair, Tiger Claw explains that he's been trying to turn his life around, but was captured by Null's men. Tiger Claw leaves the Turtles with gratitude.

5, Pulverizer is trying to get his life back after so long as a mutant. He accidentally hears a conversation between the Purple Dragons and Baxter Stockman. He warns the Turtles of their scheme to smuggle brain bugs out of New York. Pulverizer leads the Turtles and Silver Sentry to the warehouse, where they encounter not just the Purple Dragons, but a cyborg Baxter Stockman in a huge suit of armour. Pulverizer manages to dump the brain bugs into a vat of chemicals, but it ends up creating a giant mutant brain bug. After a difficult battle, the brain bug mutant is killed. The Turtles admonish Pulverizer for screwing up so badly. Carter offers to train Pulverizer as his sidekick.

6, Bebop and Rocksteady call the Turtles for help. The Turtles head to New Jersey to find out that Bebop and Rocksteady have actually been doing very well as superheroes in New Jersey - up until they faced off against a giant eel monster. Donatello de-mutates the eel monster with retromutagen to find out it was in fact, a supermutated version of Fishface. Fishface had been trying to make a new life for himself outside of crime, but when his legs broke down, he was forced to approach Baxter Stockman for help, who used him as an experiment for Super Mutagen. Michelangelo discovers he's been tailed by an elderly mutant named Mira.

7, The Turtles bring Mira back to their lair. She is rather senile but is extremely talented in battle. She informs them that, decades into the future, her family, which she does not tell them are in fact, their future selves, were killed by Demodragons. The Turtles believe that Null is in fact, the timeline anomaly Renet has been trying to track down. They must prepare to face Null, and soon.

8, Baxter Stockman, with Antrax and Scumbug, has been kidnapping mutants to experiment upon. Tiger Claw tracks him down to discover Alopex among Stockman's victims. Unable to fight off the army of mind controlled mutants, Tiger Claw is forced to approach the Mutanimals and the Turtles. A huge brawl occurs between the mind controlled mutants and the Turtles and their friends. Eventually, Tiger Claw defeats Stockman and Alopex stops him from killing him. Demon-Rahzar appears and rescues Stockman. The Turtles return to their lair to find they've been ransacked.

9, Stockman uses Chompy Picasso to create a smaller, yet as dangerous clone of Tokka. Raph rescues Chompy, but not before facing more of Baxter's fused mutant clones. The other Turtles use the Mecha-Turtle to fight off the cloned Tokka. Things get worse when Demon-Rahzar joins the fight.

10, Leonardo dreams that stopped Super Shredder from killing Splinter, and Splinter is angry that he has effected the timeline. After speaking with Donatello, Leonardo admits that he's worried over the timeline issue, since they don't know for sure if Null is the issue. Null is obviosuly a threat, but is he the threat. Meanwhile, Mira is hanging out with Karai, as they are going to visit the Mutanimals as they spot Dead-Eye and Lynch. The hitmen have kidnapped Kurtzman as a means to draw out the Mutanimals. After a giant battle, the four hitmen are finally destroyed, but not before learning that Kurtzman was actually kidnapped to interrogate as to where a secret portal to Dimension X is located.

11, The Turtles, April, Casey, Karai, Shinigami, Mira, Carter and the Mutanimals are in a race across the U.S. to stop Null's forces from finding the secret Dimension X portal. Null reveals his secret weapon - corrupted versions of the Turtles, April, Casey and Fugitoid who left for space in season 4. The Dark Turtles! The Turtles only survive when Donatello rigs the portal device to send the villains to the Arctic.

12, Baxter's new minions, the scorpion Shogun and the polar bear Tora, raid old Kraang factories of equipment. As the Turtles fight them off, Tora and Michelangelo are accidentally teleported to a whole new realm. They must work together as the other Turtles are forced to work with Shogun to retrieve them. Eventually, Mikey learns that Tora and Shogun were only working with Baxter to be de-mutated. Baxter is also in charge of creating a mutant army for Null. A bizarre creature stalks them both.

13, Eventually Mikey and Tora stop the creature, but Tora is injured. The other Turtles manage to fet the portal opened, they, along with Shogun go through to the new realm to try to find them. Eventually the six have to make a mad dash when more monsters attack, Tora and Shogun sacrifice themselves to get the Turtles home, but not before asking them to stop Null. Back home, the Turtles vow to honour them by doing just that.

14, With Renet's help, the Turtles enlist the help of April, Casey, Karai, Shinigami, Mira, the Silver Sentry, Pulverizer, the Mutanimals, Fugitoid in a new body, the Daagon, Sir Malachi, the Punk Frogs, Bigfoot, the Finger, Tokka, the Earth Defense Force, the Utrom, Xeno, the Triceratons, the '80s Turtles, Usagi Yojimbo, Wingnut, Screwloose, Bebop, Rocksteady, Fishface, Tiger Claw, Alopex, Frankenstein's Monster, and Sal Commander to lead a frontal assault on Null's base of operations. Baxter's mutant clones go down one by one. Baxter unleashes several Shredder clones into the battle. The Turtles disable their Dark Turtles counterparts. Tokka stomps Tokka Jr. Null and Rahzar walk through the Turtles' forces, until Leonardo is able to strike down Rahzar. after Fishface distracted him. Rahzar comments on how this is a far more honourable end than the first couple of times. Null strikes down Tiger Claw as part of his plot to bring back Kavaxas and by extensions, the Demodragons. Kavaxas fights off everyone until both Splinter and Shredder as spirits keeps him distracted long enough to push him back into the Netherrealm. Alopex mourns Tiger Claw. Shredder and Splinter appear as ghosts and bow to Karai and the Turtles before leaving. The Turtles say goodbye to their multidimensional friends. Renet scares them by stating that the event that ruin will happen in less than two weeks.

15, The Turtles are invited to the Battle Nexus where they meet their 2003 counterparts.

16, In the 2003 universe, both sets of Turtles have to fight off the combined forces of both worlds' Baxter Stockmans.

17, Ch'rell appears in the 2012 universe.

18, Donatello works on a new Metalhead as Null's ultimate revenge is unleashed on the world as the Mutagen Bomb appears in the sky. Mira admits her family was in the future Turtles themselves. The Turtles fight off the last of Null's forces. We learn a little more about what happened to the Dark Turtles. The Turtles and the Mutanimals defeat Null after a lengthy brawl. The Turtles make it to the rooftop as the Mutagen Bomb drops. Leonardo is about to push his brothers off the building but Silver Sentry grabs the Bomb and pulls it into the atmosphere, absorbing Mutagen as he goes. The Bomb goes off in space, Earth is saved, afterwards the Silver Sentry is memorialized in Central Park and the city honours its mutant heroes. Mira disappears as her timeline is erased. The Turtles, in Splinter's dojo, along with April, Casey and Karai, light candles to memorialize Carter and Mira. They add photos of them next to their photographs of Splinter. Pulverizer goes on to become a great hero in his own right. Donatello finishes the new Metalhead. Raph and Mona watch a sunrise together. Mikey plays cards with Ice Cream Kitty and Chompy, wondering what Master Splinter would think of all that's happened to them over the years.

19, Renet and Mikey go on a date, until Savanti Romero and Savanti Juliet appears and uses a device to steal part of the Time Scepter's power. This is the event that has changed their timeline as monsters and mutants from other TMNT universes show up in New York. The Turtles and Renet are given the powerful Dimension Scepter from Lord Simultaneous to chase after Romero and Juliet, making a mad dash throughout dozens of TMNT timelines.

20, The Turtles find Tora and Shogun in their chase of the Savantis. Healed, they join the chase themselves. The Savantis and Turtles end up in the restaurant where Eastman and Laird first drew the Turtles. Mikey sees the napkin sketch and comments how cool it is. The Turtles end up in the universe of the 2018 Turtles. The two teams are able to stop the Savantis and take the device from them. Raphael is amused that 2018 Raph is the leader. Back in their home dimension, Mikey compliments Renet and Renet tells him that's the nicest thing anyone ever said to him, kissing him. The other Turtles lightly tease him after Renet leaves. Raph wonders what's next in life, Leo says that they'll just try to live the best lives they can, as Master Splinter would have wanted.

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