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Friday, December 22, 2017

Nerdy Questions for 2018

·        Will we get a new Skylanders game? 
·        If so, will the Imaginators be compatible?
·        Will the Infinity-inspired Disney Toybox figures continue?
·        What will the new Gravity Falls graphic novel be about?
·        Will "Rise of the Ninja Turtles" be good?
·        What will the first Nintendo Direct bring us?
·        Will we get a game where all amiibo are usable? 
·        Who will the guest character be in Soul Calibur 6?
·        Will WWE and NJPW clash?
·        Will “Woken” Matt Hardy be any bit as fun as #BROKEN Matt Hardy?
·        Will we finally get some answers as to what's going on in the Cloverfield universe?
·        How will Avengers: Infinity War balance such a large cast?
·        Will Godzilla get any bloody bigger? (Like, seriously, 2016 Godzilla is over three hundred feet tall and only comes up to 2017 Godzilla's knee!)
·        Will toylines like the Grossery Gang Putrid Power action figures or the Mega Construx Heroes line ever actually reach my local Wal-Mart?
·        Will we find out what happened to the 02 kids at the end of Digimon tri? 
·        Will Marina get an amiibo figure? (Oh, and Pearl too I guess.)
·        How will the Ninja Turtles play in Injustice 2?
·        Will I finally get Primal Rage 2 working on my PC?
·        How will Them's Fightin' Herds play?
·        How will Indie Pogo play?
·        Will more Beast Wars characters get the Masterpiece treatment?
·        Is there truth to the rumour of a Beast Wars revival?
·        Will we get more Bucky O' Hare content?
·        Will more old franchises return?
·        How amazing will Mega Man 11 be? 
·        Will more Ocean voice actors be brought in for Funimation's Dragon Ball Super dub?
·        Will the winner of the Royal Rumble be as predictable as recent years?
·        Will Alita: Battle Angel help the Gunnm series finally become mainstream? 
·        Will the eventual Battle Angel Funko Pop figures be from the movie or from the manga? 
·        Will we hear anything about the Bone movie?
·        If Contra gets another console game, will we get to play as that polar bear character from the Chinese mobile game?
·        What is the story behind My Hero Academia's upcoming movie? 

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