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Sunday, March 18, 2018

What I'd like to see from a Smash Bros Switch Port

*This list was made before the Smash Bros teaser played at the end of the recent Nintendo Direct*

You know it's coming. I know it's coming. We all know Smash Bros 4 is coming to the Switch. It's just a matter of when. And once the Nintendo Switch port of Super Smash Bros 4 is announced, it'll mean one less reason for me to get a Wii U. Pokken Tournament, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, etc, etc. And those games will have extra bells and whistles. Considering that Smash Bros 4 had the two versions, the Wii U one and the 3DS one, we have to assume that the Switch port will all manner of extra content.

Here's what I personally would like to see;

1, All DLC content - That means every character, every stage from both Smash game versions and every Mii costume must be available on disc from the get-go. Considering that Pokken on the Switch had five extra characters than the Wii U version, and will be getting additional characters, I think it's reasonable to assume that we'll get the DLC content from both editions of Smash. And the music and trophies too.

2, Smash Run HD - The 3DS version was relatively lacking in features compared to the Wii U version, but I think we'd all want Smash Run over Smash Tour. Oh, and a secondary mode where you can play Smash Run for more than five minutes.

3, When it comes to customizable moves, I only want one thing; when I collect the move, I don't want to see it pop up in my rewards screen again.

4, When it comes to the Mii Fighters, how about we get some costumes from Miitomo? Who wouldn't want to play as a winged Tyrannosaurus with Christmas socks on?

5, I don't think we necessarily need any new characters, but if we do, let's keep it simple. I say the Ice Climbers are my top pick. They were sorely missed in Smash 4, and since they aren't trying to make characters function on two different systems, there's no reason to not include Popo and Nana.

Also, why not add Squirtle and Ivysaur? And Wolf. And Pichu-geez I never thought I'd hear myself saying that. Maybe we could have Young Link as an alternate costume for Toon Link. As for characters from new franchises...I say save them for Smash 5.

6, Add more trophies for each franchise - It's never made any sense to me that Animal Crossing got a bajillion trophies while Yoshi's series for instance got a handful.

7, Remove useless things like "Global Smash Power" and Street Smash.

Like I said in #5, I honestly don't feel like Smash Bros for the Switch needs new characters. We have so many great fighters in the roster as it is, there's not much room for improvement.

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