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Friday, October 3, 2014

Top Ten Hopeful Nick TMNT Returns

The 2012 Nickelodeon made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be around at least to season 4, and despite all of the dread people had going into its debut, it turned out to be a pretty darn good show. Hiccups here and there but besides that, season 2 has introduced us to numerous reincarnations of TMNT characters. So, I was thinking, who do I want to see brought back for this new series?;

10, Tora and Shogun - These two might be hard to bring in, seeing that they were apart of the Nintendo Turtles 2: The Arcade Game by Ultra Games, now more commonly known as Konami. Both were introduced as alien bounty hunters brought in by Shredder and served as bonus content, different from the original arcade game. Tora was the boss of the frozen park stage, and was a leather-clad polar bear / wolf guy who threw rocks at the turtles. Shogun was the boss of the Feudal Japan themed stage, and was a cycloptic-samurai like robot wielding a halberd incorrectly identified as a sword. Neither of these characters were seen in the '80s cartoon or toyline, or ever again.

9, Armaggon - A shark mutant with organic shoulder missiles from the Archie Comics, Armaggon terrorized the Turtles in both the future and the past. Armaggon's biggest appearance was in the Super Nintendo version of TMNT: Tournament Fighters. Considering that the new TMNT already has Fishface, it might not want to go with another fish-related character just yet.

8, Hothead (Warrior Dragon) - In the toyline and Nintendo version of Tournament Fighters, he was known as Hothead. In the Archie comics, he was an ordinary firefighter who transformed into the massive Warrior Dragon to help the Turtles. Either way, having a dragon for a friend would have its advantages against the Kraang and the Foot Clan.

7, Cerebus the Aardvark - In one of the first crossovers the Mirage Turtles ever had, they met up with Dave Sim's most well-known creation, the Aardvark warrior known only as Cerebus. Cerebus holds the record for the longest indy comic series ever, lasting from the seventies all the way to 2004 at 301 issues. While Cerebus and his creator Dave Sim have both had their fair share of controversies, there's no denying their place in the world of comics. Cerebus was supposed to appear in the 4Kids cartoon but for reasons unknown, those plans did not fall through. A regualr old aardvark similar in appearance to Cerebus did appear. Oddly enough, Panda Khan, a Dave Sim creation, did become apart of the '80s toyline.

6, The Neutrinos - In the original cartoon, the Neutrinos were part hippy part rebel force against Krang's minions in Dimension X. In the IDW cartoon, the hippy aspect was dropped. Either way, they were some of the most well-known side characters in the original cartoon, building upon the concept of Dimension X. The original cartoon did not expand much on its ideas, preferring to focus in more on action and comedy, but since Dimension X could very well be more important to the storyline in the 2012 series, perhaps the Neutrinos could make another apperance.

5, Mr. Null - A business man with devil horns. The Archie Comics was rather heavy-handed with its agenda, but there was no mistake Null made his impact on the series, perhaps even moreso than Shredder and Krang. He tried to sell off the planet to Maligna's insectoid forces (I think). And...he ordered the hit on the Mutanimals, perhaps the single most infamous moment in the Archie Series, and the TMNT lore in general. One could imagine what impact such a character could make in the new continuity.

4, Cudley - Perhaps the strangest character apart of the Archie and much later Mirage series, Cudley the Cowlick was a gigantic floating cow head that moved between planets. In the Mirage series, the same Cudley appeared, revealed to be able to move between dimensions!

3, Pepperoni - An adorable baby ceratopsian that recently debuted in the IDW series, Pepperoni instantly made people go 'awwwww'. Hopefully he'll make another appearance.

2, Ch'rell - The (first) Shredder from the 2003 series had more in common with Krang than Oroku Saki. He was nothing like the Shredders before him. The Turtles beat him by the skin of their teeth, and in the finale of Turtles Forever, although he had been blown to bits, 2003 Splinter and 2003 Karai surmised that he would return one day. Seeing that travelling between worlds was apart of Turtles Forever, its not unreasonable Ch'rell might have escaped his latest 'death'. What if he found his way into the 2012 series? How would Ch'rell react to meeting the Kraang? The 2012 Shredder? The 2012 Karai?

1, Usagi Yojimbo - The TMNT have crossed over with several other independant comic book heroes over their thirty-year career, but not more revisited than Stan Sakai's Miyamoto Usagi, a.k.a Usagi Yojimbo. He appeared in both 1988 and 2003 cartoon series, and both toylines. Heck even his futuristic incarnation Space Usagi appared in the original toyline. However, it seems that us 2012 fans will luck out when it comes to seeing the rabbit samurai again.

But then again - they said Bebop and Rocksteady wouldn't return either so who knows?

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