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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rediscovering; Dino-Riders (episode 2)

The first episode where we get to see the series intro. Yungstar and Serena are racing Deinonychus as they hear the Tyrannosaur, Yungstar's facial expressions really amused me. The T.Rex, partially wearing Rulon armour, is fighting a Stegosaurus, and actually bites it on the neck, making it bleed! The Stegosaur is still able to carry the Dino-Riders to safety, while Krulos is still creeping after the Rex. For the first time we see some singular Rulons, Croc being the only one named at the time.
Back on Dino-Rider territory, a protoceratops humourous chases one of the Commandos (to be introduced later in the series) and Llahd shows off the particular skills of the pachycephalosaurs. Gunnar introduced a Dimetrodon, which we now know was not really a dinosaur, or even lived in the same time period as the other animals. The stegosaur arrives in time to save Gunnar from a tower toppled by an earthquake. The earthquake ravages the Dino-Riders' village and defenses.

Questar informs a small force of Riders, including Yungstar and Serena, a whole bunch of exposition, mainly that the systems connected to the STEP aren't working, and without it, they don't have power. Questar's plan involves thermal energy, which means a dangerous recon mission into Rulon territory, which is even more dangerous now that the Rex has been recaptured and re-brain-boxed.

The Riders round up a herd of Dimetrodon to keep them from being brain-boxed, during which Rasp captures Llahd. Serena, Yungstar and Tark completed their task of redirecting lava, and come across Rasp, who uses Llahd to try to bargain for the STEP crystal. With minimal dinosaurs, the Riders have few options. The Rulons and Dino-Riders strategize.

The Riders use the fins of the Dimetrodon to sneak right past the Rulons and save Llahd.

The Stegosaurus and the T.Rex have their rematch, both armoured, ending when the Riders trap the Rulons with a landslide.

By using their friendship with the Dinosaurs and each other, and a whole lot of ingenuity, the Riders are victorious once again.

No noticeable animation mistakes, but I wonder, was there audio errors or does Rasp just flap his gums for no reason? Another enjoyable episode of an enjoyable series.

(On an unrelated note, the old closer for Marvel Animation was really slick 3D for the eighties.)

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