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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rediscovering; Dino-Riders (episode 3)

The Rulon Stampede starts off as it sounds, with the Rulons rampaging towards Dino-Rider territory. Llahd, who's voice actor sounded much deeper, warns Questar of the attack. Questar's instructions illustrate the Valorain train of thought, they prioritize the well-being of their dinosaurs. Rulons not so much.
Rulons do their usual thing, fire at everything that moves, yet never connect with anything. A Monoclonius is freed of a brain box by Turret's lasers, while Gunnar and a Torosaurus manage to trip the T.Rex, which goes right after Krulos.

The Torosaurus is pretty banged up after the fight, and is then healed by Serena, which weakens herself as well. The Monoclonius is suffering as well. Serena heals it as well, because she has used her healing powers so quickly, she is left comatose.

The Dino-Riders need the STEP to utilize an ancient Valorian ritual to revive her. Questar worries that Krulos will attack while the Dino-Riders and the two Dinosaurs give Serena enough of their collective life force to wake her up.

Krulos and company goes on brain-boxing spree. Questar, Llahd and Yungstar discover a nest of baby Triceratops and start hugging them, which would be really stupid without their telepathy crystals to quell the rage of the momma.

Krulos alliterates his plan as usual to let his dinos rampage through the Dino-Riders camp, he figures the Riders won't intentionally hurt dinosaurs.

Oddly enough, Turret finds a way to use the STEP to showcase the Rulons back on Valoria are too busy arguing to effectively rule. The Rulon swarm of dinos have just arrived and the Dino-Rider defenses aren't doing jack. The Riders back off the attack as Krulos enters the ship, Questar shocks Gunnar by letting him go ahead and take the STEP from its docking post. Rasp is the only one to think things are going too easy, but, it's Rasp, no one ever listens to Rasp. The STEP crystal is actually safe and sound about a foot away.

The episode ends with Krulos getting aface full of soot. You can imagine how well he took that.

Episode 3 provides much need characterization. We get a much better idea as to who these people are. Shows like this don't really need to focus in on the villains, they're mostly one-note characters, even Krulos. The Riders, conversely, are much more fleshed out. We know Questar is a very resourceful leader. We know Iacon is the type of guy who believes in acceptable casualties. We know that Serena is selfless. The point being is that if we can connect to characters we're more likely to keep coming back to watch them. (At least for eleven more episodes.)

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