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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CON REPORT; NerdCon 2015

May 23rd was the date of the second ever NerdCon, and my second ever convention table, at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre in Truro. If you recall, my first convention table was AubCon at the Auburn Drive High School on April 26th of last year.

There were many other vendors at the convention. Some familiar faces. Not as many cosplayers as I expected but they were all pretty dang awesome ones.

The best thing about my time at NerdCon? Hard to say.

I did make a little over eighty dollars. :)

I got to try Killer Instinct for the XBox One for the first time. (His Hisako destroyed my retro Fulgore, but I did get him down to red health so yay me) and, to my surprise, the thing that most people seemed to gravitate towards were the Mailboxmen. Specifically, the Five Nights At Freddy's variety. People even asked if the character Mangle was available. So, if I get a third convention table, I definitely got to get some Five Nights At Freddy's stuff to sell. I was a bit sad to say goodbye to my clay Kirby, Pac-Man and Magikarp, but I'm sure they've got good homes now. The thing that got to me the most was that my necklace shattered! It was one of those glass dome ornaments that Michael's sells. The little figure inside of was unscathed, so, that was fortunate.

The chlorine smell of the Centre's pool made me sick the entire day, so I'm just thankful I made it as long as I did.

I enjoyed the day at NerdCon, and I hope to be there again next year. Also, I bought Mom supper at the Sushi Way in Truro, she is now a fan of their chicken teriyaki.

All in all, I hope to return for NerdCon III. 

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