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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Meeting Fozzie

From May 15th to June 2nd, The Dart Gallery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia exhibited a large number of Muppet inspired art pieces, ranging from paintings to sculptures, in celebration of Jim Henson's tragic passing 25 years ago.

The highlight of the display, for me, were the Muppets puppets on loan from Terry Angus, a Muppeteer who's resume literally reads off like a documentation my childhood.

To be in front of Fozzie Bear, Gobo and Red Fraggle, Gonzo, and Animal, was such a strange feeling. I honestly felt like Fozzie was going to start talking at any moment.

Now, these were not the actual puppets from their respective series. Apparently, those puppets fell apart ages ago due to the materials they were comprised of falling apart from wear. However, Fozzie and the Fraggles were constructed from the same design specs as were used in the their respective shows. Gonzo and Animal however were from the Master Replica collection.

All in all, I hope this isn't my last encounter of the Muppet kind.

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