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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Internet Cheebs

Their usernames are FallopianFedora, NixDieAlley, TheBroThatSurvived, GalacticPenguin, psylentknight, Ziggygunner, Malacefire, smartboy201, MasterZiggy16, Thesdot210, Suigetsu008, Kayzmega1, RWR01, Nytroxious, AnAwkwardSmile, CaptainTooner, FromanAntlugia22, Donutman960, another incarnation of CaptainTooner, ImaginationsArtsInc, Subrick and Kwame. (I also forgot what his new username is, we just always call him Kwame.)

So, go google them on YouTube, see what kind of vids they got.

And yes, that photo in the background is real.

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