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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Update

2017 is almost upon us, but fortunately I have one more big adventure to look forward to before then, Hal-Con. This'll be my sixth year attending, and the first con I'll be attending this year.

2011 was amazing, 2012 was excellent, 2013...2014 was enjoyable, 2015 was exciting, and I am going into 2016's con with glee. But that's not what I'm yakking about this post.

As I go through my project ideas, trying to decipher which is the one I should be doing, I find myself sad that I have to put fun concepts like Average Fighter on the back burner. I can't exactly be posting projects on my Facebook page that I can't afford to make, right?

But I find myself mulling over older ideas, such as Watching DVDs, the simplistic YouTube review show I did for some time before the copyright strikes started. (Funny, because the only copyrighted material used in those videos was the cover to the respective DVD.) Should I simply repost the videos with new art? Is it the best use of my time to make title cards for four or five year old videos? Do I just reupload the old videos and see if the copyright sharks of YouTube will strike? (I apologize to actual sharks.)

One thing for certain, I still want to make better videos, especially after the South Sider interviews. I had never considered videomaking a career option beforehand. I think a silly little skit may be in order at some point.

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